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Climate Change and Public Health

What does Climate Change and Watersheds have to do with you?  Flooding and Development

Did you see Waldorf under water in 2019? Flooding in July 2019.  Here is how homeowners in Acton Village feel about it:  Acton Village Flooding Damage.  Check this are on google maps and you will see Mattawoman Creek to the north of this community.  It's up to the Zoning in our County to stop homeowners from suffering the results of this problem.  Flooding is only getting worse.  We need to preserve the wetlands and tributaries of the Mattawoman Creek so our land can soak up the rain.  Building in a floodplain is obviously a poor zoning decision by the County Commissioners.  Yet, it's the HOA and the Homeowner that pays for Climate Change and over-development.  Adopting Smart growth policies, like the Watershed CONSERVATION District will help.  But it's up to our residents to tell the Commissioners to protect the Mattawoman and the Wetlands that are needed to control flooding in our communities.x