Our Issues

Mattawoman Creek is one of the most productive fish nurseries in the Chesapeake Bay system, a mecca for largemouth bass anglers from around the country, and an outstanding recreational resource.

It is also a sustainable economic engine, generating many tens of millions in commerce annually for Charles County, Maryland.

As a result, Charles County, where three-fourths of Mattawoman's watershed resides, describes Mattawoman in glowing terms and has stated many times its intention to protect the health this outstanding waterway.

Yet Charles County's land use decisions have brought Mattawoman to what scientists call a "tipping point," where now "more pavement means less fish," not to mention other wildlife.

Inattentive land use plans and decisions represent a disease with many symptoms.  Use the sidebar (or top drop-downs) under "Our Issues" to learn about the underlying disease of poor land use, including the Comprehensive Plan.  Also discussed are specific examples of planned over-development. These projects, like a thousand cuts, eventually degrade even the most resilient of waters.