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Charles Co. draft Comp Plan "pitiful"

posted Aug 17, 2013, 11:18 AM by   [ updated Aug 18, 2013, 5:15 AM ]
A state planning expert at the highest levels, speaking in an unofficial capacity, called the draft revision of Charles County's Comprehensive Plan "pitiful." This is no surprise, as official state comments call it the "wrong choice," and note that a smarter growth plan would cost $2 billion less.

Please contact us. We will alert you when a hearing will be held before elected officials on the pitiful plan. Come to the hearing and ask the Board of Commissioners why a smarter plan crafted by county staff--with overwhelming public support--was thrown out in favor one devised by land speculators.

The map shows a portion of the county-wide septic/sewer "Tier Map" produced by land speculators calling themselves BGI. This scheme was passed without change by the appointed Planning Commission, and forms the basis of the draft revised Comp Plan. It spells the death of Mattawoman Creek by covering most of its watershed with especially dense sprawl development over a "development district" 30% larger than Washington D.C. (with none of DC's amenities)!

The draft plan even resurrects the Cross County Connector, an unneeded sprawl-inducing highway proposed through the Mattawoman watershed. Wetland-destruction permits for the proposal were denied in 2012 by the Army Corps of Engineers, who called it "contrary to the public interest."

More on the importance of the Comp Plan is on our website here.

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