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Bass anglers testify for Mattawoman

posted Nov 2, 2013, 11:14 AM by   [ updated Jan 18, 2014, 8:17 AM ]
At the Oct. 29th hearing, bass anglers brought their boats to show how concerned they were for the future of Mattawoman Creek. Included were Scott Sewell, Conservation Director of Maryland BASS Nation and Ken Penrod, a professional guide and author.

Scott Sewell explained that he gave voice to the fish and wildlife that couldn't attend hearings. (See the video of Scott's testimony here.) He also emphasized the economic benefits of Mattawoman. "You have got a gem in Mattawoman Creek. It's the single best fishery and nursery for a lot of fish on entire east coast, if not one of  the best fisheries in the whole country." He noted that a single angler participating in a bass tournament spends up to $800 on a motel, restaurants, gas and gear. Multiply that by thousands of anglers during a year and you have a real and sustainable economic benefit.

Ken Penrod called the county's plans "unconscionable," because they continue the policies that have seen Mattawoman lose "aquatic visitors...and county planning is at fault." He noted that Charles stands to gain more from the Potomac fishery than any county in Maryland or Virginia. He ended his testimony to the Commissioners by pleading that "Mattawoman is the jewel of all Chesapeake Bay tributaries, none come even close to what she offers you."