Final hearing on Charles County Comprehensive Plan!

Before elected County Commissioners
--  this one COUNTS!  --

May 17th 6:30 PM (arrive early to sign-up to speak)
Charles County Govt Building

Experts say that fixing this land-use comp plan is the “last opportunity” to assure Mattawoman’s health, but the present plan “will not” do it.


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Critical Hearing!
Comprehensive Plan
Board of County Commissioners
May 17, 6:30 PM
Charles County Government Bldg

This hearing kicks off the climax to a five-year revision process. For the 1st time ever, local elected officials have the authority to fix a land-use plan that has been harming the Mattawoman for 25 years. They are holding this hearing before tackling the plan.

The plan is little changed since 1990, when Mattawoman had "near to ideal conditions," according to fishery scientists. Now they say it's at the "tipping point" for "irreversible deterioration" due to forest loss and polluted stormwater runoff.

Please attend this hearing! Ask elected officials to fix the plan! Past performance by a majority of this Board of Commissioners tells us they will listen!

New Hearing

May 11, 5 PM
Mattawoman Wastewater Treatment Plant permit renewal

La Plata Library, 2 Garret Ave

Maryland Dept. of the Environment

It's time for MDE to ensure that the chronic overflows from sewage lines to the WWTP plant are finally fixed as a condition of the permit renewal.

On March 3, MDE held a hearing on a permit renewal for the Mattawoman Wastewater Plant to discharge effluent to the Potomac River. The court recorder missed the hearing, so a new hearing is scheduled for May 11.

The plant's construction enabled the Mattawoman watershed to be declared a "development district." The subsequent development is the reason Mattawoman Creek has gone from "near to ideal conditions" when the plant was built, to the  "tipping point" for irreversible deterioration.