Conservation Easement Passes!
Environmentally sensitive forest and streams essential to one of Mattawoman's finest tributaries is now conserved.

While the WCD means:

       less sprawl,
               less traffic growth,
                     strong schools,
                            stable tax rates,
                                  higher home values,
                                        purer air,
cleaner rivers & streams,
                                                  assured water supply,
                                                          cherished rural character,
                                                               healthier Mattawoman Creek!
Some new elected officials in Charles County ran opposing the WCD. This could mean 17,000 new
units wanted by the pro-growth real-estate lobby, with all the problems attending such sprawl development.

-The 2016 Comprehensive Plan brightened the prognosis for Mattawoman's future health. The plan's Watershed Conservation District is keyLearn more here.


 Important Hearing: 2/3 from 6-9pm

Pomonkey Forest 2nd Sunday Nature Walks!

Fair Weather Hikes usually 1 - 1.5 hrs
January 26, 2020

Seminar: Climate Change, Watersheds and 
Public Health
January 28, 7 PM  in LaPlata
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